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7 Oct

What Makes A Good Serviced Apartment?

Suitable for every type of traveller, for leisurely holidaymakers or a businessman, serviced apartments offer great comfort to everyone. Offering you a vast range of services, serviced apartments have become one of the most used accommodation options in the world.

The fact that they offer adequate space and all the essential amenities, serviced apartments are fast becoming the best option for every kind of traveller. If you are looking to find a serviced apartment and are still undecided, then here are the reasons as to why a serviced apartment is the correct choice for you:

  • Not boring you with the fact that serviced apartments give you space, and allow you to cook at your own terms, let’s jump right to what matters. For serviced apartment providers, you are their priority, unlike the hotels. A serviced apartment will take full care of your safety and will help make your stay comfortable.


  • Furthermore, a serviced apartment will not leave you alone in a new city. Without any future costs, you will be provided with:

– 24-hour assistance.

– You will find enough parking space around your apartment.


  • What’s more is that serviced apartments take care of the vibe you get from the rooms. Modern serviced apartments, as the serviced apartments in Chelmsford offered by SX Homes, are modern and well-structured. You will find a homely feeling from your rooms, and you do not have to worry about the housekeeping!


  • Flexible in nature, you will have the time to come across various kinds of options when you choose a serviced apartment. Unlike hotels, you do not have to worry about:

–    Cancelling your bookings.

–   There will be no charges for cancellations upto one week before arrival.

–   You can easily change the dates of your bookings without any worries.

–   Furthermore, you can even ask your serviced apartment provider to increase your stay time in the rooms.


  • Your serviced apartment will come with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi, TV and other appliances. Offering you a feeling of finding a home, you will have everything a modern home is equipped with.

Serviced apartments offer everyone a better way of living and help you find a place to rest easily. Moving away from the crowded nature of hotels and substandard services, you can find the ease of staying and comfort in serviced apartments.

SX Homes offers you a chance of living comfortably with the help of various modern serviced apartments. You can choose from a variety of serviced apartments available according to your budget and comfort to make your stay in serviced apartments in Chelmsford a memorable experience.

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